How to buy BTCN on PancakeSwap or Mdex

The guide below only shows how to buy BTCN on decentralized exchanges

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Download and Install TrustWallet

Download Trustwallet and set it up by creating a wallet. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by Trustwallet to avoid any issues in the future.


Buy Smart Chain for Swapping

To buy a smart chain on Trustwallet, you need to make sure you have the correct chain selected. You can do so by selecting, "Smart Chain" on the main screen and clicking on buy in the top right corner. You need to fulfill Trustwallet's requirements to buy. The transaction will take some time, so please be patient.

Add BTCN to Trustwallet

Tap the top right corner to select, "Add custom token". Paste THIS into the contract address field and make sure to select, "Smart Chain". You can place the name as "Bitcoin Networks", the symbol as "BTCN", and decimals as 18 in their respective fields.


Swap BNB for BTCN

Once you have added BTCN to Trustwallet you need to go to DApps/Browser on the main screen bottom menu. After that you need to open "" and connect your Trustwallet to PancakeSwap by selecting the connect button on the top right. Select BTCN on the second token option, enter the amount you want to buy and click on swap! If your transaction fails try setting the spillage to more than 5% by clicking on the settings icon displayed right next to the time icon on top of the swap box.

Note: You might need to open safari and type "trust://browser_enable" in URL to enable the browser option for iPhone.

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