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The Undeniable Success of Bitcoin

You know what they say — hindsight is 20/20. Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, buying and trading of the cryptocurrency have taken place in the free marketplace. We all know someone who sold bitcoin back before it was worth $35,000 per coin, and they can barely talk about the cryptocurrency because they are so upset about their losses. The skeptics of a decentralized currency have been proven wrong with Bitcoin’s exponential growth. Let’s take a look at Bitcoin’s undeniable success over the years:

This Cryptocurrency is Growing at Exponential Rates

According to CNBC, those who bought $100 worth of bitcoin in October of 2010 would have approximately $36 million worth of bitcoin right now. Experts say that very few people bought bitcoin in its early days and held onto it for over a decade — this is because many of the people who believed in the cryptocurrency wanted to engage in trading as that’s the primary purpose. The chart below shows the rising price of bitcoin over the past year. Bitcoin prices have gradually risen since its inception in 2009. One coin equated to $1 in October of 2010 — while one coin is worth $35,000 at current market prices.

The Widespread Regret

Some people chose not to invest in bitcoin because they didn’t trust the system. Others decided to give bitcoin as a gag gift. Brian Kean expressed his regret of giving ten bitcoins to his brother in 2015:

“I thought the gift of $3000, which could technically be zero the very next day, would be one of those “fun” gifts we’d talk about over beers. Perhaps, it would get him thinking longer term about his finances as 2007–8 had been brutal on him. Maybe even, it would create a little nest egg. Thing is, though, ten Bitcoins, are no longer a little bit. They are a lot. Those Bitcoins today hover between $200,000 and $400,000 in value. They would make a very nice buffer for an uncertain future. Some experts estimate that those ten coins could reach as high as $1 million this year. I would be lying to say I don’t occasionally think about the tokens, though. Especially, when I imagine that with the extra few hundred thousand dollars we could buy a larger apartment.”

Brian Kean’s story isn’t all that unique — people around the world regret not believing in Bitcoin sooner, giving their Bitcoin away too soon, or not partaking in the craze at all.

The Bitcoin Regret Club is an online calculator where people can estimate what they would have had. While this tool may seem counterproductive for those trying to get over their losses, people find solace in feeling like they’re not alone. A user simply enters an investment amount and date before allowing instant regret to consume them. The calculator even gives users the option to convert results into real-world goods. Users are able to partake in a discussion about their losses on a designated discussion board.

What About the People Who Believed in BTC From the Start?

Not everyone feels regret — especially those who saw the long-term positive impact that bitcoin could have on the economy. Some people, like Javed Khan, started to use bitcoin in the early days because it was an easy way to transfer money without hassle from the banks. He started to realize that the money left in his wallet would increase, so he began slowly accruing the cryptocurrency over time. In 2018, he moved to Dubai and bought himself a Bentley from his earnings.

Another example is Daniel Crocker, who bought bitcoin in 2012 and held it until he recently purchased a house utilizing his earnings (his earnings got him half of the deposit of his home).

Bitcoin has brought about huge profits for those who have chosen to keep their coins in their wallet for an extended period of time. history.

While Bitcoin has seen some drops in market value, people who have held onto their coins have made a substantial amount of money. It’s worth mentioning that Bitcoin’s value will likely increase as time goes on — just like it has throughout

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